Saturday, July 21, 2012

Comic Book Focus: Batman Annual #1

For a short time, I had a comic book review blog "Comic Book Focus".  In a tribute to that site, it will be used as the name of a feature on "Science Fiction Times".  The focus will be on short reviews of individual issues.  

Batman Annual #1
Written by Scott Snyder and James T. Tynion IV
Art by Jason Fabok

Annuals used to be one shot summer blockbusters.  Sometimes the events of it would carryover into the regular title but you could read it as a one and done story.  DC seems to be returning to that format with this issue.

This year's Batman Annual tells the story of Mr. Freeze in the New 52.  It has surprisingly good art by Jason Fabok.  I have not read many books drawn by him but would expect to see him around the DCU after this book.

It starts with a pivotal scene from Freeze's youth and follows through to the present day.  Snyder reveals why Freeze hates Bruce Wayne (not just Batman) and the secret of Nora (Freeze's wife in the previous continuity).  I have heard some complaints about the changes to the Freeze mythos but I thought the story was very good.

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