Friday, February 19, 2010

"Draw" by Pati Nagle

First Printing:  Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, September 2007

Sometimes you read a short story and just know that it is in a particular magazine.  While reading "Draw" I had to keep double checking the cover to see if I had picked up Analog.  It reminded me of a typical Analog problem solving story.  It is not an insult.  Personally, I enjoy Analog.

"Draw" seems like it was inspired by the old Winston Science Fiction series.  It features a young protagonist in a strange environment.  He is worried that his father will not survive if he waits for the authorities so he takes matters into his own hands.  This is a classic science fiction plot.  The author does a good job with it.  It is not the kind of story that will win awards but it is fun to revisit this style.  I would like to see more stories like this.


Carl V. said...

I like a good story even if it is a 'classic science fiction plot'. Sometimes specifically because it is that. Like you, I enjoy the fact that authors continue to write stories in this vein.

What issue of Asimov's is this?

Jim Black said...

First Printing: Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, September 2007

Sorry, I forgot to include this.

Carl V. said...

No problem, I appreciate the info. I sent Asimov's an email awhile back to inquire about acquiring some back issues and haven't heard a word.