Saturday, October 30, 2010

"The Monster and the Maiden" by Roger Zelazny

First Printing:  Galaxy Magazine, December 1964

Once again, Roger Zelazny proves why he is one of my favorite writers.  It takes a special writer to craft a good story at this length.  He is one of the best.   This is one that I had never read.  On a side note, the three stories that sold me on Zelazny’s short fiction (“The Man Who Loved the Faoli”, “The Keys to December”, and “For A Breath I Tarry”) will be reviewed in the next few weeks.  I originally read them in Donald A. Wollheim’s World’s Best SF collections.  I have not read them since back in the 70s.  It should be a fun trip down memory lane.

Like “And I Alone…” , this one would have made a good Twilight Zone episode (with some creative directing).  He throws an unexpected twist at you that makes you reconsider other monster and the maiden stories.  Maybe things were not as cut and dry as they seemed.  I can not talk about the plot any more without ruining the story so just take my word for it and track down this little gem.


adamosf said...

I'm glad to see you're back reviewing again. I feared this blog would go the way of your previous blogs.

As you know, Zelazny is one of my favorite writers. Although I already have 6 of his pb collections, I am considering paying for the NESFA series of hc containing his complete works. It would be worth it!

Jim Black said...

It is good to be back. I really missed the sf community while I was unable to participate. I am back to reading with a vengeance and will be reviewing on a regular basis.

I have been very tempted by the NESFA collections but have not ordered them yet.

Carl V. said...

Excited me to see this cover. Although I enjoyed the Zelazny story well enough, it was To Avenge Man that blew me away. When I read this collection earlier this year it climbed right up into the ranks of my favorite sf short stories. Wonderful. This issue of Galaxy was mostly fantastic, in my opinion.