Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Reading List

Carl (Stainless Steel Droppings) posted about "Diving Into Summer".  I decided to do a short Summer Reading List along with him.

Sign of the Unicorn by Roger Zelazny
The third in the Amber series.  I started and stopped reading this a couple of times not because I did not like it but other things took priority.  I am currently reading it before I read anything else.  This was my first Zelazny book.

Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds
One of my efforts for the next year or so is to get caught up on reading Reynolds works.  I was very impressed with his “Revelation Space” and the couple of short stories (“Great Wall of Mars” and “Scales”) that I have read.  I decided to read his latest book (book one of a trilogy) before going back to his older works.

Star Trek:  New Frontier #1:  House of Cards by Peter David
Star Trek:  New Frontier #2:  Into the Void by Peter David
Star Trek:  New Frontier #3:  The Two-Front War by Peter David
Star Trek:  New Frontier #4:  End Game by Peter David
I am a big fan of the television shows and movies but have only read a handful of the novels.  Some of my favorites have been written by Peter David  (“A Rock and A Hard Place”, “Strike Zone” and “Q-in-Law”), David Dvorkin (“Time Trap”) and Michael Jan Friedman (“Double, Double”).  “Double, Double” was an excellent sequel to the original series television show “What Little Girls Are Made Of”.  Dvorkin’s “Time Trap” was a good original series Kirk adventure where he was in an accident and wakes up in a future where the Federation and Klingons are allies.  Dvorkin does a good job of showing how Kirk tries to understand this future with obvious hints that make the reader think of the Next Generation series.  David’s books feature spot on characterization, action, with bits of humor thrown in.  I always enjoyed his work in the comic book field so I thought I would try out the first four books in his original series.  New Frontier was the first of the created for the novels series.
All of the books, except for the Reynolds’ novel, are shorter stories that will make for some fun reading this summer.

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