Saturday, November 17, 2012


HALCYON:  Mark Guggenheim’s Image title was a very good 5 issue series.  All violent tendencies have disappeared from the world.  Villains turn themselves in.  The heroes know that it was a man-made event but have no clue as to who orchestrated it.  It turns out to be the perfect revenge plan as a villain gets back at a hero.  If you were a Batman style hero and a villain’s master plan had this as a side effect, would you stop him?  Like the villain says, if you stop me you will be responsible for every crime (including murder) that happens from here on out.  What is a hero to do?  This is by far the best writing I have read from this author.  The art is very similar to Frank Quitely’s.  Overall it was a good series that should have received more press.

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