Sunday, July 14, 2013

41. Last Hope Vol. 2 by Kriss Sison & Michael Dignan

Writer:  Michael Dignan

Artist:  Kriss Sison

First Publication:  2012

Challenge:  Graphic Novels Challenge (#18)

Publisher:  Seven Seas Entertainment

Summary (from Amazon):  
Out of the frying pan, into the line of fire!

On the run from Hiro's villainous uncle and a school full of psycho teachers, the gang escape to another dimension where, without so much as a breather, they get caught in the middle of an alien invasion! Their only defense? A giant armored mech that none of them knows how to operate! 


As much as I liked vol. 1, this one was even better.  Since my favorite anime was the classic Robotech series, I was excited to see the mecha on the world the gang travels to this time.  Once again I thought I could see the creators being inspired by "Vision of Escaflowne" (another favorite of mine).

When they escaped from the world of psycho teachers, I thought I heroes might catch a break.  Instead they end up on a world that has suffered from an alien invasion.  Sison and Dignan keep up the quality of the first collection and turn up the action.

It is an excellent short series (hopefully things work out so Vol. 3 can be published soon) that contains a good balance of action and characterization.  Highly recommended.

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