Thursday, July 10, 2014

Eye of the Monster

Author:  Andre Norton

First Publication:  1962

Source:  Purchased at used book store

Publisher:  Ace Books

Series:  Council/Confederation #2

Other books in this series include:
#1-The Sioux Spaceman
#3-The X Factor

Andre Norton was one of my gateways to science fiction.  Many of her works were in our school library.  They fit the model of what was known as juvenile science fiction at the time.  The books I read of hers had fairly straightforward plots with a young protagonist who was put in exception situations.  Although I never read this book in my youth, it fits the mold.  

The viewpoint character is on an alien world with his uncle when one of the native races (the Crocs) decides to take charge.  The aliens launch a vicious attack destroying many of the human bases.  He rescues a few people, including two of the cat-like natives.  They have to trek across hostile territory and make it to one of the larger human bases with the hope that rescue is available at the base.  The writing is solid but the characterization falls short.  I found the characters to be very much of the stock variety with little that brings them to life.  Also, the motives of the Crocs are not well established.  

If you are looking for a short, quick read of an old school adventure sort this book is a decent read.  If you prefer more depth to your stories, I would look to other books of the time.  Although it is a "lite" book, I will be reading the other books in the series.

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