Monday, January 31, 2011

January Summary

I reached the goal of posting on a regular basis.  It was a Science Fiction Times record that saw me post 22 times.  

2008    9 posts
2009  33 posts
2010  23 posts
2011  22 posts (after 1 month)

Short fiction reviews     8
Books                       2

I planned on more book reviews.  Going into February, I already have 3 books waiting to be reviewed.

This month also saw the launch of two sister blogs to this one.  I began reviewing individual issues of comic books on my Comics!  A Personal Journal and graphic novels/collections on Comic Book Shelf Review.  I have numerous collections that I need to finish reviewing.  

I plan on continuing with to post about 20 times a month.

Thanks to Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings, I was introduced to the Classic Science Fiction group.  I plan to read and review "Monument" by Lloyd Biggle Jr. as part of that group.

Thank you to the blogging community for many hours of pleasure.


adamosf said...

I'm pleased that you have increased your blogging, since I enjoy reading your reviewes and commentaries, including the comic reviews. the additions to your library were interesting. I am fortunate to have a complete run of GALAXY (many purchased from a longtime canadian fan/friend), and I share your enthusiasm for jim baen's era, especially after the letdown of the ejler jakobsson years. I have STELLAR 1, but never realized it lasted as long as it did. but I do NOT need to fill in any additional gaps in my collection.

Jim Black said...

I had the entire Baen collection of Galaxy and IF when they were published. For various reasons, I no longer have them. Now I am picking them back up. It's fun to come home from work and find another issue waiting for me.