Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Visions

As 2011 begins, it is time to reflect on 2010 and take a look at what changes are in store for the upcoming year.

A look back at 2010...

I only managed a disappointing 23 posts.  This was due to a combination of my workload at my day job and the deteriorating health of my mother.  Work is settling into a more normal routine.  We now have my mother situated in a facility that specializes in her condition.  I should be in a better position to blog regularly in 2011. 

2010 Summary

Novels             6
Short Stories   14

Blogging on other sites...

I have been regularly reviewing comics for the Comic Book Revolution.  I have not been keeping track of my postings on CBR but that will be changing.

Stepping into 2011 (or the Times They Are A'Changing)

One of the first changes you will notice here is the style.  I plan on making SFT more of a commentary site.  My short story reviews will stay as a regular feature.  Some novels will be reviewed here.  The bulk of my novel reviews will be appearing on another site.  I will make an announcement once it is revealed on the other site.  I plan on adding updates of my postings on other sites (including Comic Book Revolution).  Another new feature will be reviews of television series and movies.  At the end of each month (and again at the end of the year) I will publish a summary of my reviews.

Overall, you will be seeing more content appearing on this site.  I already have 6 short story reviews I am working on for this site.  My first novel review for the mystery site is being finished and sent off this week.  

Since science fiction is a field of change, I hope you will join my on this journey.



Carl V. said...

Happy New Year Jim! I'm excited about your new ideas as I always welcome seeing posts from you and miss reading your reviews when you are gone. I'm sorry about your mother and am glad to read that you have found a place that can hopefully provide her the care that she needs.

Love the image, perfect for entering the new year. It is one of my favorite Whelan images, one that has remained in the forefront of my mind ever since I first saw in on my uncle's bookshelf many, many long years ago.

adamosf said...

I hope you do have time to post more reviews, since I enjoy reading them, and our tastes overlap quite a bit.

If you post elsewhere, it would be a help if you let us know when you do as well.

Take care.