Friday, December 23, 2011

The Vintage Science Fiction Month

Over on The Little Red Reviewer site, she is hosting "The Vintage Science Fiction Month not a Challenge".  It is all about science fiction published before 1979.  This was the science fiction that I grew up reading.  It will take place during the month of January so it is a perfect team up with "The 2012 Science Fiction Experience".  Listed below are the books I plan on reading but are subject to change.

1.  Foundation by Isaac Asimov
2.  Demon Princes 1:  Star King by Jack Vance
3.  Demon Princes 2:  The Killing Machine by Jack Vance
4.  Demon Princes 3:  The Palace of Love by Jack Vance

Actual Reads:

1.  Enterprise:  Stardust by K. H. Scheer
2.  Foundation by Isaac Asimov
3.  The Story with 18 Writers

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Carl at Stainless Steel Dropping is doing a Foundation read along. I borrowed a Jack Vance collection from a friend, and can't wait to dive into it.