Monday, February 18, 2013

Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: Fearsome

Title:  Fearsome
Author:  Peter Tomasi
Pencillers:  Fernando Pasarin & Geraldo Borges
Inker:  Scott Hanna
First Publication:  DC Comics 2012


From Goodreads:
As part of the DC New 52 event, the Green Lantern Corps return, led by fan favorite Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart.When a new menace, The Keepers, begins to march across the space sectors and devouring not only their natural resources but their entire populations, it is up to The Corps, severely outnumbered, to stop them. The Corps soon find one of their own held by the ruthless Keepers and must figure out a way to save their comrade and defeat the Keepers without the Green Lantern's most powerful weapon, their power rings.

I never really thought about where the lantern batteries go when they are hidden between recharging.  Tomasi crafted an excellent story that shows the society that takes care of the batteries...and what happens when the Guardians take them out of the picture.

This is the epic kind of tale I expect in this title.  Planet wide resources are stripped from various planets.  An enemy who is appears to have an immunity to the Green Lantern power.  Devastating defeats.  Star gates powered by...but that would be telling.  And the biggest surprise is what happens when one of the Lantern's crack when tortured.  The repercussions will be explored in the next arc after the heartbreaking epilogue to this story.

Pasarin does a fantastic job on this title.  He is a perfect fit for the space scenes, planetary vistas, and the personal moments.  

One of my favorite DC series.  And one of the reasons, if rumors are true, that Tomasi is taking over the main Green Lantern title after Geoff Johns is done (in May).


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