Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Changing Times

Due to my commitments to other blogs, I don't have the time to regularly review novels. So my new goal is to focus on short stories with the occasional novel review. My reviews will feature new and older stories. Among the anthologies I have recently added to my collection are...

The Second IF Reader of Science Fiction-edited by Frederik Pohl
The Stardust Voyages-Stephen Tall
Eight Strange Tales-edited by Vic Ghidalia
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction Eleventh Series-edited by Robert Mills
The DAW Science Fiction Reader-edited by Don Wollheim
Orsinian Tales-Ursula K. LeGuin
The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon
The Book of Gordon Dickson
Uncollected Stars-edited by Piers Anthony
New Dimensions 12-edited by Marta Randall and Robert Silverberg
Alpha 5-edited by Robert Silverberg
Alpha 7-edited by Robert Silverberg

Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan. 09
Analog Jan/Feb 09
Asimov's Feb 09

My first review will be Brian Aldiss' "In the Arena" from the Second IF Reader. It will be appearing soon.