Monday, June 14, 2010

The Midnight Dancers by Gerard F. Conway

Gerard F. Conway spent many years writing great comic books.  In my teen years he was one of my favorites.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered a DAW book called "Mindship" by the same author.  After writing a couple of science fiction novels, Conway choose writing comics full time.  

"Mindship" was one of the novels I still vividly remember from my younger days.  This year I managed to find his other novel.  I eagerly devoured it.  Unfortunately, this novel is not in the same class as "Mindship".  

"Mindship" had a great main character, an intriguing idea, and fantastic atmosphere.  The mood dripped off the pages.  This one, and it is a first novel, missed the mark.  Most of the novel is taken up with detailed descriptions of what it is like to be a primitive hunter.  The characterization is severely lacking.  "Cardboard" characters spring to mind when you force yourself through this book. The story that is talked about on the back cover is missing for most of this novel.  When we do get to the main story, it is rushed.  Where "Mindship" seemed shorter than it was, this one seemed much longer.  That is not a good sign. 

Avoid "Midnight Dancers" and pick up "Mindship" instead.