Friday, August 29, 2014


Author:  Karl Schroeder

First Publication:  2014

Source:  Amazon

Publisher:  Tor

Cover:  Victor Mosquerra

Karl Schroeder is an author I always thought of trying but never got around to it.  When I saw “Jubilee” was available I thought it would be a perfect time to try his work.  It is a far future version of “Romeo and Juliet”.  The other thing is that it belongs to the same universe as his recent “Lockstep” novel.  Schroeder chooses to tell the story from one of the planet’s natives who is supporting the main story.  If this is typical Schroeder, I have another author to add to my must read list.  He seamlessly works in classic style science fiction ideas with a modern storytelling style. 

Based on this story, I have to read “Lockstep” in the near future.  

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

World Without Stars

Author:  Poul Anderson

First Publication:  1967

Source:  News stand

Publisher:  Ace Books

Serial:  Analog June & July 1966

Cover 1:  Michael Whelan

Cover 2:  Kelly Freas

Cover 3:  Chesley Bonestell

Way back in the days I bought books off a spinner rack at a newsstand, one series of books seemed to jump off the racks at me.  They were the reissues of Poul Anderson’s novels with new covers by Michael Whelan.  Whelan has created many classic covers but one of my favorites was always his one for this cover.  To this day I still can spend time staring at it.

A bonus, in addition to the cover, was the fiction of Poul Anderson.  I had previously read one of his Dominic Flandry novels in the final issues of “Worlds of IF”.  That was “A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows”.  It led me to search out other books he wrote.

“World Without Stars” has many classic elements.  Travel to an alien world, trying to establish trade relations, alien contact, and a traveler who is separated from the woman he loves.  That relationship is what ties the book together.

At this short length, I would recommend reading this Anderson classic.